What Does A Baby Cockroach Look Like?

Baby cockroaches have, over time, been mistaken for other insects like bugs or carpet beetles.

Most of these insects do not look like their adult counterparts, so it would be hard to identify and place them in that category. 

If you found an infestation of baby cockroaches, would you be able to identify them or would you assume they are bugs?

This post will help you identify what baby cockroaches look like. 

What are baby cockroaches?

Baby cockroaches are cockroach nymphs hatched out of a cockroach egg case. Unlike other insects, they do not go through the larval, or pupa stages of development during their life cycle. They hatch from egg cases as grown nymphs.

Their color ranges from black-brown, grey, or white when hatched, which is lighter than adult cockroaches.

Baby cockroaches or cockroach nymphs could differ in color because of the different cockroach types.

Since these insects look like bugs, you may have attempted to use the bug treatment to get rid of them. The following description will show you what baby cockroaches look like. 

Here’s how to identify baby cockroaches

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Baby cockroaches are tiny creatures. Typically 1/4 inch, quite small. They often undergo several molting stages into adulthood, but will look whitish immediately when they are hatched from an egg case (ootheca).

These molting stages help them shed their exoskeleton, forming new tough skin. Cockroach nymphs have a lighter skin color that changes to be more like their adult counterparts. 

All baby cockroaches possess the following;

  • Two eyes and two thin, long antenna 
  • Six spiny legs 
  • Wingless
  • A head
  • Two small appendages (hard to identify because of their size)
  • Flattened hard shell body

You should know that a baby cockroach is a miniature version of an adult roach. It becomes clearer as they shed more skin, growing from nymphs to young cockroaches and then to adults. They also share similar diets with adult roaches.

Baby American cockroach:

What do Baby Cockroaches Look Like

The baby American cockroach is greyish brown and oblong shaped. It has six spiny legs and a flattened body. At this baby stage, their skin is less hard. They do not possess wings.

Baby American cockroaches can be smaller than a diameter of a penny. As they grow, they look reddish brown, like the adult American cockroach.

You would often see baby American cockroaches in cupboards, under furniture, particularly where their egg cases were laid. These young roaches would often hang around where they hatched and would only follow the adults in search of food. 

Baby Oriental cockroach:

Like the baby American cockroach, the baby oriental cockroach is oblong shaped, possessing a tiny long antenna and six spiny thin legs.

The baby oriental cockroach is light brown to reddish-brown. Its skin is shiny and flattened. Baby oriental cockroaches are about 6mm before their first molt. 

Baby German cockroach:

The baby German cockroach is smaller, dark-skinned with a tan stripe running down its back. It is slightly oval-shaped with a flat body and six spiny legs.

It possesses two long antennae like the adult German cockroach. The baby german cockroach baby is usually wingless. It possesses a similar skin color to its adult counterpart, unlike other baby cockroaches who have different colors from adults of the same species. 

You will mostly see baby German cockroaches where they hatched. Because we know German cockroaches for breeding and hide in dark humid areas, their nymphs will most likely hang around such areas. 

Baby Brown-Banded cockroach–the baby brown-banded cockroach is as small as a rice grain, usually 3mm after being hatched.

Like other baby cockroaches, they possess a thin, long antenna, six spiny legs, and light brown skin. Their color is in ranges from tan to dark brown and is known for the two brown bands they possess that run through their abdomen.

White baby cockroaches – white baby cockroaches are not categorized under any species. They are cockroach nymphs undergoing molting, where they shed their exoskeleton to grow new and harder ones. You would hardly see a white or albino cockroach as they often stay in hiding because of their fragile, unprotected state. The white cockroach is prone and vulnerable. This makes it stay hidden until its white skin changes color and becomes hard. 

Do baby cockroaches fly?

Baby cockroaches do not fly.

They do not possess wings like adult cockroaches. If you see a tiny flying insect, it is most definitely not a cockroach nymph.

These insects can move fast. It is one characteristic that cockroaches possess: their ability to move fast. 

Do baby cockroaches look like ants?

Baby cockroaches are smaller/miniature versions of adult cockroaches.

They are often tiny and can be mistaken for bugs or termites.

But baby cockroaches do not look like ants. Unlike ants, they do not undergo a complete stage of metamorphosis. 

How tiny are baby cockroaches?

Baby cockroaches are quite tiny. They could be a quarter-inch or less.

As they grow gradually and undergo molting, they increase in size.

From a tiny quarter-inch long or less to a tiny half-inch to an inch long and then to an adult cockroach. 

Are baby cockroaches a sign of infestation?

An adult female cockroach lays egg cases that form baby cockroaches. So if you have come in contact with a baby cockroach, there is definitely an invasion of cockroaches.

In fact, you are dealing with a heavy invasion and these insects have become comfortable in your home. Baby cockroaches are certainly a sign of infestation. 

You could deal with not only a few roaches but a legion of cockroaches which is much harder to get rid of.

Cockroaches are fast-breeding, hence the cockroach nymphs that may already be in your house could be over a hundred since one egg case can hatch out about 20 – 60 baby cockroaches. And a female cockroach can lay about 14 egg cases in her lifetime. For instance, the female American cockroach after mating lays egg cases every five days.

This could get worse when these baby cockroaches grow to the reproduction stage and begin to breed more cockroaches. Have you noticed any baby cockroaches in your home? You need to take action as soon as possible.

Are baby cockroaches hard to eliminate?

Just like the adult cockroach, baby cockroaches could be tough to eliminate.

The first reason is that you will almost not see them lurking around during their initial growth phase.

Since they have to stay in hiding during molting and depend on their mothers to feed and care for them. That being said, baby cockroaches might be hard to eliminate, but not impossible.

Since they are nocturnal insects and will very much be around where they hatched, you can get rid of them in their numbers but you have to first find out their hideout spots. 

Another reason why they would be hard to eliminate is that these roaches grow quickly and are in large numbers.

The baby German cockroach, for instance, depends more on the water for its survival. It could last for a couple of months without food and is usually found in dark wet areas.

It could therefore pose a problem for you when you try to get rid of them. 

How to eliminate baby cockroaches?

Though cockroaches are hard to get rid of, it is not impossible to do so. There are ways with which you can keep them at bay. One of which is prevention.

Prevention is your best bet to avoiding these pests. Keep your house, sinks, and dishes clean, regularly clean up not frequently used places like basements, roofs, storage areas, etc., dispose of your waste as often as possible, pack spoilt, and leftovers properly before disposing of them, and avoid keeping your bath mat wet.

You should also fix up leakages in plumbing areas and seal up cracks and openings. 

Conversely, you cannot be too careful where these pests are concerned because they will do their best to come into your home, be it clean or untidy. It is in their nature to survive. There are many ways to eliminate these cockroaches. Pesticides, diatomaceous earth, baits, and boric acid mix can kill these baby roaches. 

If you are unsure of how to go about the elimination process, you can contact a pest control professional for guidance. 


Knowing what baby cockroaches look like is relevant for eliminating them in case of an infestation.

They may not pose a threat to you physically but can grow to become harmful to you. Cockroaches contaminate foods, carry many bacteria, and are disease vectors. Baby cockroaches are no exception.

Since they move around dirty places and feed on rotten foods, they can easily transmit bacteria, fungi, and worms and contaminate your foods, water, etc. 

Baby cockroaches should be treated with as much intensity as adult cockroaches for extermination. Never underestimate these insects. They can feed on you too.

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