What are White roaches?

We are certain that you have seen cockroaches a whole lot of times, but have you heard of white roaches? Seeing cockroaches around your home isn’t always a good sign, but are they the same as white roaches? Or do they give the same devastating effect?

White reaches are a species of cockroaches and there is a reason why they are referred to as white roaches. Let’s find this out together in this article. Not only that, there are a lot of interesting things to learn about these creepy creatures.

This is a well-detailed article on everything you need to know about white roaches. Insect freaks would find this super fun. Enjoy the read!

Roach vs Cockroach

Do not get it wrong, a roach is a cockroach and a cockroach is a roach. Roach is another name for cockroach and it is a regional function. It is the short form of cockroach.

Despite that it is a regional term, we still have some other parts of the world that call this insect by an entirely different name. Note that a white roach is a type of over four thousand species of roach, but basically, they are not different.

White roaches meaning.

In simple terms, a white roach is a cockroach that has shed its former exoskeleton to reveal its new exoskeleton which is underneath. It sounds odd and weird, but it’s not a big deal.

Most cockroaches go through this phase. This phase is the molting phase and in this phase, the cockroach is referred to as in “instar”.

All growing cockroaches must go through this phase. Hence, all adult and mature cockroaches you see have gone through this stage.

They are more popular than you think, only that during this phase, one of their adaptive features is to hide, thereby making it difficult for them to be seen during this phase.

During this exoskeleton shed, a new exoskeleton which is white and soft is revealed underneath. This shed is caused by the pigmentation that they lose and must be replaced. This molting phase lasts ranging from minutes to a few hours.

What is molting?

Roaches, which are a species of cockroaches, are arthropods. Arthropods are invertebrates that have no bones. They possess an outer skeleton that aids them in moving their legs, wings, and other parts of their body. Unlike bones that change in size and grow with body size, the exoskeleton does not.

Exoskeletons are hard and this is why they can’t grow like bones. This does not imply that exoskeletons do not pass through a growth phase. They do, but they follow a different mechanism: a process known as molting.

Molting enables arthropods to grow by a process referred to as shedding. Before a cockroach will reach its adult stage, it must have undergone up to seven or eight molting stages.

During the process of molting, the exoskeleton of the cockroach is split and the cockroach crawls out of it. All types of cockroaches experience this, including the white roaches. After shedding the skeleton, the new exoskeleton beneath reveals itself.

This exoskeleton isn’t hard enough, but it is capable of helping the body maintain moisture and balance.

It is also soft, white, and pliable. The white color is a result of zero pigmentation. In a matter of hours, the exoskeleton will still end up becoming harder and darker depending on which type of roach species it is.

When a cockroach goes through the molting stage, they usually go into hiding. This is why you can find their shed skins in corners like under sinks, inside cabinets, behind appliances, and other dark voters in the home.

One interesting fact about cockroaches at this stage is that they are prone to be harmed or eaten by predators. This is because at this stage, their bodies are soft and this makes it very difficult for them to flee from their predators when they are being chased. This is the reason why they are always hidden and you will hardly find them outside like a normal cockroach.

White roaches infestation.

The moment you begin to see white roaches all around your home, this is a clear indication that there is a white roach infestation in your area. The question is where do these roaches come from? Where they come from will shock you! Keep reading

White roaches are young roaches undergoing molting. This molting process occurs up to ten to thirteen times depending on the species of roach they are.

This is a compulsory stage for them before they can grow into adult roaches capable of reproduction. Just before they molt and reach the adult stage, they hide around active nests in your home.

You might not easily locate these nests because they are in the deep corners of your home. Inside these corners, they breed, multiply and increase the infestation levels inside your home before you can take note of them.

Even when you end up seeing them, they have grown into multiple numbers and are still actively multiplying and increasing every day. You are experiencing a white roach infestation without even realizing it.

It is possible for you to also find tiny white roaches around your home. They are baby roaches that continually shed their skin until they reach adulthood.

Do White roaches bite?

Can a white roach bite you? The straightforward answer is yes, but it’s quite tricky. Most animals and insects will bite you once they see you as a threat or a lump of good meat.

This is not the case for white roaches: they are not directly biting you. They are aiming for the food remnants they can smell on your body.

White roaches eat your flesh when you smell like food and this is because you have an edible remnant on your body. So they are not directly attacking you, they are just hungry and would love to eat.

Are white roaches dangerous?

White roaches cannot transmit any disease or infection to you when they bite you.

You might feel a slight pinch that gives an after effect of a little red bump or itching skin. That’s the worst you can feel anyways. If your skin is allergic to bugs and insect bites, you may experience some allergies on your skin. Fret not, you are safe and this is a rare case as well.

White roaches do not transmit any disease when they bite you, but they do carry diseases. This is what makes them dangerous. The disease a white roach carries is the same as the disease other species of cockroaches carry.

It is not a piece of common information, but white roaches carry the pathogens of respiratory infections, asthma, diarrhea, and food poisoning.

This is just an indication that because they do not transmit any disease when they bite you doesn’t imply that you should leave them lurking around your home. All their species can expose you to severe diseases.

You should note that not only do their bodies carry these pathogens, but their shed skin also does. Therefore do not leave their sheds lying around your home, because they are dangerous as well.

White roaches in the house.

You have recently physically sighted a white roach and found out that you have a possible white roach infestation around your home. What should you do? We would be straightforward with our answer without any sugar coat. Kill them!

They carry pathogens that are dangerous to your health, and that is the reason why you should eliminate them once you see them around your home. So, how do you kill them and what are the best and most effective ways of killing them? Our answers below will shed more light.

There are two ways to go about eradicating them in your home.

You can either do it by yourself or employ a professional to assist you in it. There are various pest control companies around that specialize in helping you eradicate all types of roaches in your home.

Due to their experience and study, they know how to detect the possible locations where these roaches are breeding. They help you wipe out those places and lecture you on other ways to prevent them from coming back

Doing DIY might not be as easy as you think, because white roaches and other species of roaches, in general, are one of the toughest insects to kill. During this elimination process, it is highly recommended that you eliminate roaches from their nest.

By doing so, you are attacking them from the source and they wouldn’t be able to reproduce and multiply. If you do not attack them from the nest, they might die, but their source remains and more of them are made available once they breed.

The difficulty here is about being able to get their locations which might not be easy to deduce via a DIY session.

To locate and finding the source of a white roach infestation is important. Most times, only a licensed pest control specialist can be able to pull this up effectively.

How to Prevent White Roaches.

The best way to prevent white roaches from infesting your home is by maintaining a clean environment all the time.

There are even some instances where they are found in a clean environment with the best corners, talkless of a dirty environment.

One location where you can mostly find them is in your kitchen, especially your kitchen floor.

The reason for this is that your kitchen has a lot of edibles that can attract them. If your kitchen has a waste bin that contains food as well, expect them as a regular visitor there.

Other locations where they are most likely to be found include the bathroom and the toilet.

Keeping these locations clean isn’t only the required criteria, you have to learn to sanitize them at near intervals as well.

Roaches love an untidy and unsanitary environment. They thrive better there. Other precautions to take include sealing your edibles in airtight containers and bags, and covering all soups, food, and trash can with tight lids.

Ensure that these areas are wet as well, keeping the areas dry will also keep them away. Also, seal off all your electrical outlets, sink drains and crack very well before going to bed.

They operate well in darkness and they wouldn’t leave a single trace for you to notice in the morning.

Why Are Cockroaches Hard to Get Rid Of?

If you have dealt with a white roach infestation, or other types of a cockroach infestation, you would have noticed that eradicating them from your home was not an easy task.

This is because white roaches and other types of cockroaches have a strong immune system. Their incredible immune system enables them to kill multiple fungi and microbes.

They have plenty of receptors responsible for smell and taste and that makes it easy for them to sniff compared to other types of insects. Note that white roaches feed on anything edible, ranging from glue to meat, cardboard, and sugar.


White roaches are cockroaches that have had their exoskeleton shed off for growth into the reproductive age. This is also experienced by other species of cockroaches and insects. This molting process is essential for them before they can transition into being adult cockroaches

White roaches aren’t poisonous when they bite you, but they carry pathogens that can pose threats to your health. This is why we highly recommend that you take the necessary actions to eradicate them when you sight them around your home.

Physically sighting them around your home signifies that your home is under white roach infestation. Hurry to get a pest controller to help you in exterminating them from your home. We are super sure that you had a fun ride with us learning about all that there is to know about white roaches. Now that you know, stay clear of them in your home.

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