What are Piss Ants?

Piss ants are the most persistent type of ants that frequent our homes. They are known for their ability to produce a urine-like odor when crushed, hence the name “piss ant” emerged. 

We encounter them now and then. In our foods, on our body, in our kitchen, anywhere around our home where food can be found, basically.

Piss ants are small ants that often make up a nuisance as they work together in colonies foraging for food. These piss ants are any of the following ants that are habit indoors with humans; the odorous house ant, sugar ant, and pharaoh ant. They are small compared to other types of ants

What piss ants look like

Piss Ants

Piss ants are naturally small, they are the smallest of ant species with a length of about 8 to 16 inches. They possess long antennae that help them sense any kind of smell; the smell of food or any sweetened substance around the perimeter.

These antennae also enable them to sense danger while foraging for food. Their color often ranges from light yellow to reddish-brown and then to black. 

Female piss ants are orange-colored while the bodies of the males are black. The female piss ants who are usually workers, do not possess wings but the male ants do. The male ants also mate with the queen before they die. 

The body of a piss ant is segmented in three; the dark end and markings on the abdomen.

Their smallness in size makes it easy for piss ants to crawl into and travel through small cracks on the walls of your home. Which means they can easily enter your house. Piss ants often habit in warm and humid areas both indoors and outdoors. You can find them in your flat, in hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and outdoors. 

Piss ant life cycle.

In piss ant colonies, they are divided into three groups, each having different functions. This group in humans is called “class”. The queen ant, the workers, and the male ant.

The queen ant is known for reproduction. She lays eggs to continue the life cycle of the ant species.

The workers often comprise the soldier ant. Their function is to forage for food, build and repair their nests, and protect or defend their colony.

Soldier ants are often left with the responsibility of protecting their colony from invaders.

Male ants mate with the queen ant.

How Piss ants forage

All ants have similar foraging patterns and piss ants are not an exception. The workers who go out to forage leave trails of pheromones–an odorous chemical substance that informs other ant workers of the food sauce.

This pheromone serves as a GPS tracker for them. They work together in groups and take food back to their colony. They can also communicate this food source location by joining their antennae together. 

They feed on sugary substances, carbohydrates, honeydew secretion from aphids, and just about anything in the home of their host. 

Piss ants can cause damage to your home.

When piss ants invade your home, they can cause significant damage.

Piss ants have fast-growing colonies which make it easy for an infestation. When they are in your home, they can infest the furniture, wooden ceiling, cupboards, and any other wooden items in your house. 

When they infest your kitchen or storeroom, they can damage your supplies and even contaminate your food. Piss ants carry bacteria from trash cans, dumps, etc. that if in your food, can cause harm to you.

Those who can’t stand the sight of ants would have a lot of wastage on their hands. 

How to prevent piss ants from invading your home.

Pest invasion is sometimes inevitable as ants are naturally attracted to the food in your house, the very reason they become unwanted guests and sometimes co-tenants/owners. 

However, there are certain precautions and actions that can be taken to prevent them from invading your home, which is the first step to controlling and managing household pests. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”

One way to prevent an infestation is by keeping your environment and surfaces clean. As humans, one of our major sources of survival is food, and the same goes for ants. They need food to survive. 

Wash off dirty dishes after use. We cannot overemphasize that these insects have rapid growth and can easily sense food with their antennae. So endeavor to wash dirty dishes regularly. 

Clean up surfaces like your counter, and dining table after use and pack and clear up spilled foods immediately. Sweep or vacuum clean regularly. 

Remember to do a regular thorough clean-up in your home, empty your garbage can, and take out any kind of anthill or nest around your house. Store foods and leftovers in sealed containers, and seal up cracks and openings in your house.

How to get rid of piss ants

As earlier stated, an ant infestation in homes is often inevitable. Ants are one of the many pests that are a nuisance. Should, in case you cannot prevent them from invading your home, there are methods you can employ to get rid of them. These methods include the chemical method, biological method, and natural method. 

  • Chemical method

1) Ant Bait

There are several ant baits that can get rid of piss ants. Greasy protein-based baits, sugar-based baits, and fat-based baits. Either of these baits can lure these ants since they contain food substances they readily eat.

When these insects, the queen inclusive, consume this bait, the insecticide in it will kill them all. Ant bait is one of the most effective methods of controlling and getting rid of piss ants. 

If you are experiencing ant infestation, you can get any of these ant baits in stores. 

Place this ant bait close to areas where these piss ants are in your home, and at the entry points of their nest. It will destroy them in a short while. Terro liquid ant bait is good for killing piss ants in your home.

2) Ant killer spray

Ant killer spray is an insecticide used to get rid of ants. They are usually effective and kill on the spot.

Some of the ant killer sprays are Orange guard home pest control spray; this particular spray can be used to kill other insect pests such as roaches, and fleas and can be used both indoors and outdoors, and BASF Alpine PT Insecticidal Aerosol.

Spray the insecticide in cracks, and around the house. Say kitchen, living room, anywhere these piss ants have infested. Also, follow the instructions given by the company on how to use the product you purchased. 

3) Boric Acid

Boric acid is also known as borax. It is a powder-like substance that sticks to the antennae and legs of the piss ant. The borax causes stomach poisoning and kills them.

Apply boric acid on cracks, openings, and entry points where piss ants are inhabiting your home. You can also follow instructions on the boric acid products you purchased. A recommendable boric acid product is Ecoxall Boric Acid granular powder.

  • Biological method

This method is organic, harmless, and friendly.

1) Diatomaceous Earth

Using diatomaceous earth is an eco-friendly method of killing piss ants.

It is a powder-like organic substance that is applied around infested areas.

Diatomaceous earth is a soft siliceous sedimentary rock called diatoms, smashed into a fine white powder. It is efficient and harmless. Diatomaceous earth is used for killing other insects like aphids, bugs, etc. 

Foremost, wear a mask to protect your nose from dust. Take a considerable quantity into the applicator container, then spray or spread the powder around the piss ant colony, or areas around your house where they have infested.

Apply a substantial amount, depending on the level of infestation. Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food grade is a recommendable product. 

2) Insect repellent plants.

Certain plants are repellent to insects.

They contain certain phytochemicals that act as insect repellents.

Some of these plants include peppermint, sage, or tansy plants. Bitter pepper, turmeric, and cinnamon strips can be placed around your house to prevent piss ants from entering. Diluted essential oils of orange, cinnamon, or peppermint can get rid of piss ants.

Put these plants in flower vases and place them around your kitchen. You can place turmeric and cinnamon strips around your house to scare off the ants. Add about 20 drops of essential oil made from orange, cinnamon, or peppermint into the water and spray around the infested area.

  • Natural method

There are natural home remedies for piss ant infestation. You can get rid of piss ants using the following home remedies;

1) Soap spray.

This is probably the easiest natural method of getting rid of piss ants.

In order to make the soap spray, add a tablespoon of dishwashing soap, and vegetable oil to a bowl and mix. When you are done, add about two teaspoons and a cup of warm water to your spray container.

Spray around infested areas to kill piss ants. 

2) Aromatic plants

For what it’s worth, piss ants are affected by certain smells. They dislike the smell of garlic, bay leaves, and cucumber.

It discourages them from entering. To get rid of invasion, you can blend these plants, squeeze out the juice, and spray around infested areas. It would chase those piss ants away.

3) Honey and boric acid mix

To get a more effective result, you can mix honey with boric acid to make a homemade ant bait. As you may be well aware, ant baits are one of the most efficient means of getting rid of piss ants. 

Mix an equal quantity of boric acid and honey, apply close to the ant-infested area and watch these piss ants die.

4) Ground coffee

Ground coffee smells repulsive to piss ants. They dislike the smell and avoid areas where this smell emanates from.

To get rid of piss ants, sprinkle or spread ground coffee around areas that piss ants have invaded. You can also pour outside your house to prevent them from invading. 

5) Corn starch

Corn starch can kill piss ants. Apply a considerable amount at entry points of their nest and places they have infested. When they consume this powder, it would kill them.

6) Sugar and boric acid mix

Like the honey boric acid mix, sugar and boric acid are other homemade ant bait that can kill piss ants.

To make this, pour one and a half cups of water into a bowl, one and a half tablespoons of boric acid, and a half cup of sugar, and mix gently.

Put a cotton ball in this mix until it is soaked, then place the cotton ball in the ant nests to kill them.

7) Lemon juice spray

Lemon juice spray can help you get rid of piss ants. To make one, squeeze out the juice in the lemon, and add about four tablespoons of it into the water.

The water should be about eight ounces. Depending on the amount you want to make. Spray it around the infested area. 

8) White vinegar spray 

To prepare the vinegar spray, mix equal amounts of both vinegar and water in a jar to prepare the ant spray. Put in a spray container, and spray around the infested area. In or outside your home.


The above methods can get rid of piss ants. They are all effective, and reliable and will stop these insects from invading your home. If you cannot get rid of them by yourself, try contacting a pest control team. 


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