How Long Do Spiders Live?

You probably may have come across one or two spiders in your home with their annoying cobwebs.

And as you do know that there are over 38,000 different spiders that are existent in the world, some of them are the ones you find in your homes, on your walls, creating those cobwebs. 

But one important question this post will be answering is how long do spiders live? 

Spiders can live for about two years when in captivity. Female spiders often live longer, particularly when indoors. With this, it is evident that some spiders live longer than others.

Their life span varies depending on a couple of factors; the species, habitat, feeding, life cycle, and predators amongst others. These factors influence greatly how long they live. 

The Life Cycle of spiders.

Did you know that before mating, male spiders often perform dances for female spiders to make them look attractive and prevent themselves from being eaten? 

The reproduction style of spiders seems a little bit fascinating.

A male spider will swirl a special web to catch his sperm before transferring it to his pedipalps – an appendage that functions as a sensory organ.

He then progresses to find a female to mate with. When he finds one, he performs complex dances to attract her and to prevent himself from becoming a meal. If he isn’t fast enough, the female spider will chase him away.

After mating occurs, the female spider lays egg sacs.

This is the beginning of a spider’s life cycle. An egg sac may contain over a thousand eggs inside. When the eggs in the sac develop, it hatches out spiderlings.

This development process may take about a month. Female spiders often defend their egg sacs. Some carry it with them, while others place them where they can easily defend them.

When the spiderlings hatch, they balloon; producing strands of silk often called “kite”. The kites lift them to their new home. 

How long Do Individual Spiders live?

The lifespan of a male and female spider differs, with the male living for about two years and the female, a little longer.

The male spiders after fully developing may die while mating.

This is because the female spider is capable of eating the male during mating.

Some species of spiders die from the mating process as it is their responsibility. 

How long do wolf spiders live?

The life span of these carnivores is dependent on gender.

Male wolf spiders which are often smaller live for about a year or less while female wolf spiders live longer.

They are brownish, grey, or black and have dark markings. Their size ranges from 6.4 millimeters to about 3 centimeters and they are nocturnal solitary creatures.

One reason they would wander alone at night when they are in your home. Wolf spiders feed on other spiders and ground-dwelling insects and are capable of biting humans. 

How long do American house spiders live?

As the name implies, this species of spider is known for living in your home.

An American house spider will live for about one to two years that is if you do not get rid of it. Some house spiders may live longer depending on their region.

These spiders seem to have their places of origin and may not last in other habitats as much as they would in their natural habitat. American house spiders are less harmful and would hardly attack you. 

How long do black widow spiders live?

Black widow spiders can live up to 3 years if left on their own. They are particularly known for building their webs in dark areas such as attics, roofs, or basements.

Mostly areas in your home you seldom visit. These spiders are venomous and are usually found in the southern regions of the United States.

The male black widow spiders are either grey, brown, or tan.

Their color differs and they are smaller while the female black widow spiders are black, larger than the males, and possess red hourglass markings on their abdomen. 

How long do spiders live without food and water?

Spiders can live for about four to eight weeks without food and water.

They most often have food reserves that are stored in them. But when it is not available, they live for this number of weeks.

Spiders need water to survive and can have some reservoirs within them. Another interesting fact is that spiders fast periodically during their lifetime.

It enables them to live for a while without food and water. This means they will live for a long time in your home if you do not get rid of them.

How long do spiders live without air?

Because these arthropods are air-breathing, they may not live for a long period without air.

Notwithstanding, spiders do not require so much oxygen as humans and can survive for hours and even days without breathing.

They even carry oxygen in them that they survive on. A spider in a web can hold its breath and stay still for a while, waiting for its prey. If you put a spider in an airtight jar, it can stay alive for a few days. 

How long do spiders live in captivity?

Spiders can live for about two decades, an approximation of 20 to 24 years in captivity.

Typically, they can live for about two to three years depending on the species, so when in captivity (again depending on the species) spiders can live for a long time.

For instance, if you have a spider for a pet, that spider can live for this period if properly taken care of. Like given proper diet, kept in an environment that portrays its natural habitat, and kept away from predators. 

How long do spiders live in your home?

Spiders will live in your home as long as you let them.

You would hardly notice some species of spiders if they are in your home as they are nocturnal. However, you would readily be aware of an infestation when you notice cobwebs on your walls and in your cupboards. Common house spiders can live for about two to three years in your home, some might die after mating and some after laying eggs.

But if you do not get rid of them, they will live for as long as they can. 

Do daddy long leg spiders live for 24 hours?

Daddy long-leg spiders are a peculiar species of spiders possessing long legs.

They are also known as cellar spiders. They are not the same as Daddy long legs which are arachnid.

Daddy longlegs spiders do not produce silk so the webs they construct are non-sticky. These species of spiders are often found in groups because they are social. 

Female daddy long leg spiders have shorter legs compared to the males. Do they live up to 24 hours? The answer is yes. Daddy longlegs lives for more than 24 hours. They live for about a year or more and die after mating.

As usual, the female lives longer than the male. Daddy long-leg spiders possess eight eyes, eight legs, and two body sections. 


Spiders live long enough and can live longer in other conducive habitats.

Some live for a year, two or more, and others live for less. Their lifespan is dependent on some factors stated in this article.

With that said, an Australian female trapdoor spider was recorded as the world’s oldest spider to have lived for about 43 years. It died only after it was killed by a wasp. 

 Spiders are interesting creatures, but you should get rid of them because their webs can be of nuisance to you. 

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