Does The Dryer Kill Fleas?

Fleas are very difficult to eliminate, especially with commercial products. This difficulty goes double for the young fleas and the eggs. Because of that, many people look to rather local means to solve their flea problems. For some, Lysol and vinegar are wonderful substances to kill fleas. For others, Dawn soaps would do the job. … Read more

Can Fleas Drown in Water?

Fleas may appear to be very small. However, they are also one of the most dangerous blood-sucking pests in the world today. Because of their blood-sucking ability, some people call them vampires for fun. Whereas, some other people believe that fleas have real superpowers which is why they don’t die very easily. However, a good … Read more

Flea Eggs on Bed Sheets.

We know that bed bugs hide in our beds and drink our blood. But do fleas do the same? Well… in this article, we’ll look at why and how fleas get into our beds, and how to get rid of them. Just do well to tag along, okay? Do Fleas Live in Bed Sheets?  The … Read more

What Kills Fleas On Contact?

what kills fleas on contact

Several substances out there can kill fleas. Some of these flea killers are natural. Some are homemade. Whereas, other flea killers are made from toxic chemicals. But whether natural or chemical, only a few of these substances can instantly kill fleas on direct contact. In this article, we’ll focus on those instant and direct-impact flea … Read more

Does Dawn Soap Kill Fleas?

does dawn dish soap kill fleas

We’ve all heard of dawn soaps, haven’t we? If you haven’t, then know this: dawn soaps are dishwashing detergents advertised as the best of their kind in the American market. But aside from being an excellent grease remover, some people claim that these dawn soaps can also kill fleas. Fleas, as we all know, are … Read more