Why do Crickets chirp at Night?

Every human or animal has a uniqueness that differentiates them from others. Crickets are known for the chirping sounds they make. Contrary to others from the same family like grasshoppers and locusts, crickets have their unique nature embedded in this sound they create. You may have heard a very loud disturbing sound coming from your … Read more

What do Crickets Eat?

It is no debate that food is essential for humans, animals and insects alike. It is necessary for our survival. The same goes for crickets. These insects are present in almost all parts of the world except Antarctica. You may be wondering what crickets feed on either as a cricket breeder looking for the best … Read more

Cricket Eggs: All The Facts And Information.

Generally, crickets lay eggs for the sole purpose of continuing their lifecycle. These insects have a short life span! That being said, cricket eggs may differ in color, shape, or even texture depending on the species of cricket insect. But before we go into that, let’s know a little about crickets. Crickets are soft-bodied, defenseless … Read more

How to get rid of crickets

Having insects within and around our homes is not a new thing, but it can be quite discomforting when you consider the possibility that they could be harmful to human health or causes certain forms of pollution such as noise pollution. One of such insects includes cricket; it is a very familiar insect that is … Read more