Coyote Yipping: Why Do Coyotes Yip?

Coyotes are very intelligent, fast, opportunistic, and loud. Because of their intelligence, coyotes can generate a complex vocal system of about 11 different blends of yips, yelps, and howls. What’s more, each tone represents a different call sign. At night, we often hear them howl and yip. But then, what does it really mean when … Read more

Can You Own A Coyote?

Coyotes may look so much like dogs. But like wolves, they are just as wild. They have a strong sense of smell, a keen vision and can prey voraciously on rabbits, fish, frogs, rodents, deer, and even common livestock like lambs, calves, and pets. Now, if they are capable of all these, can you own … Read more

Do Coyotes Bark Like Dogs?

At first glance at coyotes, you may think they’re wolves. But then again, they are smaller than normal wolves. Though sometimes, people do call them prairie wolves, aka brush wolves. At other times, if you hear a coyote’s call from afar, you may mistake them for dogs. In fact, baby coyotes are called pups. And … Read more