How to kill cockroach without touching it

Cockroaches are not that hard to kill, right? You can easily squish them with your bare hands. Or perhaps you can step on the targeted cockroach with your legs, can’t you? Well… not everyone wants that because they fear the effect of the cockroach allergen. That’s why in this article, we have compiled a series … Read more

What are White roaches?

We are certain that you have seen cockroaches a whole lot of times, but have you heard of white roaches? Seeing cockroaches around your home isn’t always a good sign, but are they the same as white roaches? Or do they give the same devastating effect? White reaches are a species of cockroaches and there … Read more

Types of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches.

In the world of pests, cockroaches are the most common because we can find them even in the most luxurious houses. But then, do you know that not all insects described and treated as cockroaches actually are? Well… the truth is; some of them are just ordinary bugs. So, to help you identify the right … Read more

Do Water Bugs Bite?

When summertime rolls around, so do the bugs. Insects buzz and crawl all around us, and some of them even manage to bite us. Do water bugs bite? What kind of bites do water bugs give? Are they dangerous? Let’s take a closer look at these pesky critters to find out. What are WaterBugs? Waterbugs … Read more