4 Common Bugs on couch That Are Not Bed Bugs

Bugs are everywhere. So, finding different bugs on the couch shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is because couch, cushion, and mattress seams are just one of their many homes. However, many people often think that these couch bugs are just bed bugs. But in this article, we’ll tell you about some other bugs that … Read more

How To Get Rid of Love Bugs

Love is in the air. But with love bugs, what you get are thousands of flies waiting to cause a nuisance in your home, car, and yard. This means that, unlike love, love bugs aren’t what you’d like to keep. Because even though they rarely bite or sting, they cause damage whose repair can break … Read more

Arizona bugs That Sting.

If you are into plant studies and the name “Arizona” does not ring a bell in your ears when you hear it, you will probably need to study more. Arizona is an insect-infested location with a record of more than fifteen thousand insects you might have never heard of. Experts say that only five percent … Read more

What are swallow bugs?

Do you know that some specific insects can live up to a whole year without food? Well… one perfect example is a swallow bug. So, learning about their lifestyle, survival mode, and the way they reproduce is really an interesting one. Yet, the more you learn, the more amazed you become at the fun-filled and … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Dead Bugs in Fridge Easily

Bugs and other insects can survive even in the weirdest of places. In fact, as uninhabitable as Antarctica is, three kinds of insects still survive there. So, it’s no wonder why some bugs still find a way to survive inside your refrigerator. Although after some time, many of such insects die off. As such, you’re … Read more