Can I Feed My rabbit watermelon?

Do rabbits eat watermelon? If you’ve ever considered raising a rabbit, check this article.

Keep reading to find out the right answers and learn more about rabbits and how they react to eating watermelon. Have a nice 5-minute read!

Can Rabbits eat Watermelon?

can rabbits eat watermelons

Watermelon is a fruit that has a high concentration of sugar, hence, it should be given to rabbits in moderate amounts.

Because excessive consumption of watermelon by rabbits can have a laxative effect on them. A general rule of thumb is to feed only adult rabbits with a watermelon because they do possess a complete digestive tract.

This will help in the digestive process involved in the breakdown of sugars into glucose. Note that feeding watermelon to your rabbits should not be in a place of a meal or grains.

If you have never fed your rabbits with watermelon, ensure you run out a feeding test of watermelon on them first before you finally start giving them routinely.

First, feed them a negligible amount of the watermelon and wait a day or two to check how they will react, especially their stool. If their stool remains the same, especially with the color and texture, you can continue feeding them with it.

With this, you can remove any intolerance your rabbit might have. If we are suggesting to you about feeding your rabbits in moderation, what is the standard to measure this moderation, then? The simple answer to this is one or two meals of watermelon per week.

To ensure that they do not cause a mess while eating the watermelon, cut it into small cubes for them.

Why WaterMelon may not be good for rabbits.

Watermelon has a high rate of natural sugars, which can be easily broken down by the human body because of the complexity of the human body.

The simplicity of the rabbit’s body doesn’t make it suitable to break down the natural sugar found in watermelons small. However, this does not imply that it cannot be consumed by them.

It just means that it has to be taken in a small watermelon amount and can be easily passed out on their stools. A large amount of watermelon in their stool will lead to loss of appetite, loose stools, or diarrhea. Also, it causes the digestive tract of the rabbit to struggle during the digestion process.

Asides from the health implications that have been recorded with feeding watermelon to rabbits every day, another thing to consider is the psychological building of the rabbits. Just like humans, rabbits can think and get addicted to things as well.

If you feed your rabbits with watermelon too often than usual, they might get used to it and possibly think they can have access to it every time.

Once they develop a sweet tooth for it, they will refuse to eat other foods being offered to them. Therefore, to keep your rabbits healthy and happy, watermelon or other types of fruits should only be 10% of their diet.

Benefits of watermelon to rabbits.

Watermelon is not directly dangerous to eat by rabbits, infect, they help to keep your pet hydrated because of the high water content, especially during summer. Watermelon has over 92% of the water and other necessary nutrient needed by the rabbits.

Some nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin b1, b5, b6, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin C, amino acid, and lycopene. Asides from helping to keep your rabbit hydrated, watermelon also helps to lower inflammation, enhance digestion, prevent macular degeneration, and improve hair growth.

Rabbits are small, and most of their nutrient needs, especially the above-listed ones, can be taken care of through their main diets and food like water, pellets, and hay.

Can rabbits eat watermelon leaves or plants?

A watermelon comprises vines with big branched leaves that grow and fruit on the ground. Watermelon leaves are edible and can be eaten by most animals, including rabbits. Not all parts of the watermelon plant are edible.

When we refer to the edible part of the melon plant, we are referring to the leaves except for the fruit which is edible as well. Rabbits have been studied to feed on these leaves in gardens, farms, etc, since they can be found in all areas of the world.

Other parts that are not edible it palatable to rabbits are the roots, stems, etc. These parts, even though are more fibrous, are very tough for these rabbits to feed on. Despite that, it has been found that the watermelon is edible for rabbits; it is not advisable to constantly feed them with this as they are not the best food for rabbits.

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Can rabbits eat watermelon rind?

Just like watermelon is a delicious meal, watermelon rind is a substantial meal for rabbits as well. Watermelon’s skin is divided into two parts and that is the white part of the rind and the green part of the rind.

The rind is the outer layer of the fruit, which possesses a tough texture. It is free on the outside and fades gradually to a page white on the inside of the watermelon. It is the inner part just before the red and pink part of the watermelon.

The rind part of a watermelon is harder and contains no juice, however, it is very edible. For rabbits, the green part of the rind is the part that they can feed on.

The exorbitant amount of citrulline amino acid in the green part of the rind makes it a better option than the pink part of the fruit. This part has less sugar and more fiber, hence, making it highly recommend for your rabbits.

Just like we have emphasized earlier, do not give them daily or have it in a top portion. There are other necessary nutrients they need. To feed them, cut it into smaller pieces after removing the punk part, else they choke on it. Asides from that, the ring of the watermelon will be a great treat and source of fiber for your rabbits, some rabbits prefer the pink part.

Can rabbits eat watermelon seed?

The straightforward answer to this question is No. This is because the seed of a watermelon is hard to munch on by rabbits. Trying to feed on it might end up causing an intestinal obstruction.

It can make them choke on the watermelon without being able to vomit it since rabbits cannot vomit. The seeds are not poisonous, but rabbits cannot regurgitate them like some other animals.

Asides from intentionally feeding them with watermelon seed meal, be careful to remove all seeds even while you are feeding them with the pink and rink part. The seeds can easily be hidden inside the other parts.

Clean thoroughly and do proper checking before on the other parts before feeding them. Watermelon seed has two types: the hard black type and the don’t white type. The White soft ones can be allowed to remain in their meals, but are on the safe side. You might remove all the seeds or buy the seedless type.


To perfectly answer the question “does rabbit eat watermelon”? The straight answer is yes. However, you understand that feeding your rabbits with watermelon is a wonderful treat and a delicious meal for them, but this must be done in moderation.

Watermelon does not pass for a nutritionally dense food, but it is a special option to feed your rabbit only as an occasional treat. We strongly advise that you wash the watermelon thoroughly or buy a seedless type, so that your rabbits will not choke on it.

Organic watermelon is the best bet for your rabbits and ensures to feed them with it only once in a while, say once or twice weekly. We hope this has been a perfect guide for all you need to know about feeding your rabbits with watermelon.

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