Best Mosquito foggers in 2022.

By now, you don’t need to be told that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on the planet. Once a year, they kill about 750, 000 people. 

But thankfully, there are many mosquito killers out there. A good number follow the bug zapper model. And some others are foggers.

Lately, these mosquito foggers receive a lot of attention. So, let’s tell you about some of the best ones out there. But first, let’s ask:

Do Foggers Really Work for Mosquitoes?

The simple answer to this is yes, mosquito foggers can kill mosquitoes, but not every time.

Foggers contain two major classes of chemicals. Namely, they are adulticides and larvicides.

Like the name, larvicides kill only mosquitoes living near the surface of dirty and stagnant water.

Adulticides kill the adult flying mosquitoes that are caught during flight.

That said, a fogger works by releasing a fog mixture of larvicide and adulticide. These chemicals can last up to like three days in the air.

Within its frame of activity, the fogger traps and kills any unfortunate mosquito caught up in the air and those resting and spreading their wings on water surfaces.

However, some mosquitoes can hide in cans or in the shrubbery. Some of them even remain motionless with their wings retracted.

In that case, foggers won’t have any effect on such mosquitoes. Then again, foggers have no effect on mosquito eggs and larvae.

So, even if the foggers try to kill as many flying mosquitoes as possible, the eggs would later grow up into adults. When that happens, your mosquito problem would begin afresh.

What Are the Main Groups of Mosquito Foggers?

Although mosquito foggers are just temporary solutions to mosquito infestation, they work on a small scale.

However, that effectiveness depends on which class and brand of fogger you have in stock. Let’s look at some of them below:

  • Bug Bombs or Aerosol Foggers.

Aerosol foggers are also known as total release foggers. And they are the traditional class of mosquito foggers.

These aerosol foggers come in canisters and spray cans. Once you release them, they generate a mist of insecticide in the air. Yes, that makes them similar to common insecticidal sprays.

However, unlike common sprays, the contents of aerosol foggers rarely settle on unexposed gaps, crevices, and other concealed places where mosquitoes often hide.

Now, let’s look at some of the best aerosol and liquid mosquito foggers out there:

Best Aerosol or Spray Mosquito Foggers.

  • EcoSMART Aerosol Spray.

best mosquito foggers

The name says it all. EcoSmart Spray is eco-friendly because its major components are essential plant oils like peppermint.

So, you can use it around your pets with little cause for alarm. And it also smells very great when used as stated on the labels.

Besides that, EcoSmart is a universal bug killer. It kills not only mosquitoes; it kills other bugs and insects like roaches and carpenter ants as well.

However, like most aerosol foggers, EcoSmart works more on contact without an everlasting effect. So, you would have to use the product from time to time.

  • Cutter Backyard Bug Control.

This cutter backyard bug control is excellent for outdoor regions like patios, yards, and picnic areas. And like most bug bombs, it is very portable and easy to use.

However, this bug bomb is quite restricted to some regions, like the United States. In countries like Australia, the delivery may be impossible because they have not yet registered it in those areas.

But besides that, the bug spray works well. Although, the effect, like many other bug bomb out there, is temporary.

  • Thermal Foggers.

Either gasoline or electricity can power these mosquito foggers.

Whichever the case, thermal foggers work by releasing heat. This heat helps to warm up the fogger solution until it vaporizes.

The resulting gaseous chemicals concentrate into a mist that can penetrate areas that normal foggers can’t reach.

So, when looking to kill off mosquitoes in areas like shrubbery and treetops, thermal foggers are your best bet! Let’s look at some wonderful products out there:

Best Thermal Mosquito Foggers (Propane and Electric)

  • Burgess 960.

So far, Burgess 960 is one of the best electric insect foggers out there. At least four out of five people concluded it works if you follow the instructions well.

However, this electric fogger is not suitable for every environment. But it works well in areas like Texas and other nearby areas.

The only problem is that the equipment isn’t that easy to operate. So, you need to read your manual well before getting started.

  • Bonide Insect Fogger.

Bonide thermal foggers, especially the Bonide Mosq Out 554, work like any other thermal mosquito fogger. But in addition, it can kill other pests like gnats and wasps as well.

It is one of the best thermal mosquito foggers for outdoor use. But you should not use it indoors to avert fire accidents.

  • Black Flag 190107.

One thing we like about the Black flag fogger is the design that comes with an ergonomic handle. With it, you can direct the nozzle to the most unreachable places where mosquitoes hideout.

So, the Black flag 190107 is one of the best mosquito foggers for yards. Although, while using the product, follow the instructions and handle it with care.

Commercial Mosquito Foggers

We know these foggers as the trunk mount cold foggers.

Like the names, you can place trunk foggers atop certain utility vehicles. These utility vehicles can either be mobile or immobile. And in simple terms, they work like a truck of bug spray.

Let’s look at some good examples below:

Best Commercial Machine and Backpack Mosquito Foggers.

  • Invatech Italia New Mister.

After being rated on Amazon by over 480 individuals worldwide, we can safely say that Invatech Italia New Mister Duster is the best mosquito fogger out there.

This equipment is what we call a backpack fogger. It kills both ticks and mosquitoes nearly with 100% efficiency. Although, you need to read the manual to get a hold of how to use it well.

  • Cardinal 3.5 Gallon Mosquito Fogger.

Like the Invatech Italia product, the Cardinal mosquito fogger is also a backpack fogger. But in addition, it has an adjustable droplet size.

From Canada to the United States, over 360 people agreed on Amazon that this product is worth its price. According to many of them, the Cardinal fogger murders anything with a living thorax.

  • Ultra-low volume foggers.

The ULV foggers work on the same principle as the trunk mount cold foggers. But unlike the latter, they are not borne on utility vehicles.

For ULV foggers to work, they use cold air at low pressure to vaporize the fogging solution. And like the thermal foggers, they can penetrate places that ordinary insecticides cannot.

Best ULV Foggers.

  • Longray Basic ULV Fogger.

One thing about this Longray ULV is that it has an adjustable flex-hose. Likewise, it is quite eco-friendly because most of the fogging liquid is water and essential oils.

Not only that, the fogger has a handle that makes the fogging machine moveable. And as for its mosquito-killing ability, well… It’s a good run for your money.

Besides, it also kills molds as well.

  • Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger.

Although this product is expensive, it will give you a good run for your money if you use it according to the pre-set instructions.

Then aside from killing mosquitoes, Tri Jet is a great mold control as well.

Unlike most products out there, the Tri Jet ULV fogs well. But when buying this product, make sure you get it from a trusted seller like Amazon or in a nearby local store where purchase withdrawal is acceptable.

That is because sometimes, certain scammers sell used ones as new ones. So, buy this great mosquito fogger with care.

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Who Makes the Best Mosquito Fogger?

Yes, we all know that the answer to that is relative. Because for one, there are so many products out there.

Then again, each one is meant for different purposes, areas, and lasting effects.

However, considering the fact that after 480 verified purchases on Amazon, many people still conclude that Invatech Invalia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer kills mosquitoes well.

Even for those who had one or two complaints, the issues raised concerns more about customer service and the overall weight of the backpack. But the contents of the fogging liquid work very well.

Final Words.

The truth is; good mosquito foggers are scarce. Most of the products out there are sham.

It’s they work well to kill the mosquitoes, but the equipment itself is not durable.

However, if you’re looking to purchase a mosquito fogger that complements its price, then we recommend you opt-in for Invatech Invalia New Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer.

This is no doubt one of the all-time best mosquito foggers out there. It is mostly good for outdoor use and it has a whopping 3-year warranty!

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