Arizona bugs That Sting.

If you are into plant studies and the name “Arizona” does not ring a bell in your ears when you hear it, you will probably need to study more. Arizona is an insect-infested location with a record of more than fifteen thousand insects you might have never heard of.

Experts say that only five percent of the total population of insects found in Arizona are harmful. Whether this is valid or not, the known fact is that you will always come across dangerous species in such a location. What type of bugs and insects are in Arizona?

Which of these Arizona bug stings and which of them can be found in the home. Let’s figure it out together in this article as we extensively discuss the notorious bugs that can be found in Arizona. Happy Reading!

1) Scorpions.

Arizona bugs

The bark scorpion is the most commonly found in the Arizona valley. It has the worst sting among other Arizona bugs that stings. When bitten by this scorpion, you experience a sharp pain coupled with tingling and numbing. In some cases, it might lead to you vomiting and feeling very weak.

Bark scorpions are light brown and thus make them tough to spot. This effect is felt more when the soil has a brown color similar to its color. You can hardly spot them or even know whether they are present there or not.

One way to notice them is by carefully watching out for them in dark light because they have glowing properties that make them glow in blacklight. If you live close to this valley, they can crawl up to your homes and pieces of furniture.

One reason why this scorpion sea is prominent in this area is because of the history of this neighborhood. Some areas here have a lot of citrus trees. The presence of this tree is one factor that made the presence of bark scorpion rampant in this area.

2) Spiders.

You should expect to see a spider in places where there are many bugs: they are usually attracted to these locations. Another location where they love to be is a place with a lot of light. Spiders are classified under the Arachnid group and this group causes various skin infections and damage when they bite you.

We highly recommend that once you notice them in your surrounding, call extermination to help you check your whole surroundings. Exterminating them once sighted helps you avoid the future occurrence of bites and stings. If you have been bitten by them, seek medical help as soon as possible.

3) Mosquitoes.

Have you heard of the West Nile disease that kills over eight hundred Americans per annum? Well, this is the foremost transmitter of this disease. This is why some countries have started fogging to keep the population in check.

Mosquitoes are dangerous because once they bite you, They suck your blood and inject into you the pathogen they carry about. The particular place becomes a little bit swollen and in most cases, you will experience an itchy sensation around the part where you were bitten.

In worst cases, the spot becomes red and the scar stays on your skin for some days while you might feel some sign of inconvenience as well. In some locations, to kill these mosquitoes, they will shut down their programs while it’s first will freeze all these mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the Arizona district doesn’t do not go through this annual reset.

4) Ticks.

Arizona bugs that bite

These bugs are most common during the summer season. When they bite you, you might not have the slightest notice that you are being bitten by anything. This is because they bury their head in the skin such that you would even realize it.

When you visit locations around Arizona, ensure that watch out for ticks on your body and that of your pets too. The worst scenario of this bug attack is that once they are too much on your pet’s body, they gradually make them weak.

If the tick has bitten your pet and stays on your pet’s body for a longer time and have not been removed, they begin to show signs and symptoms of tick paralysis.

5) Africanized bees.

Arizona has a lot of venomous creatures but Africanized bees are responsible for the majority of the death cases recorded. According to experts, if you get bitten by one, you must notify a beekeeper, call 911 and leave the area.

Another worst case is disrupting a hive where the swarm of bees resides. In this type of dangerous case, run straight to a place that will provide shelter and ensure you have your head covered so that you won’t be attacked in any of your sense organs. This is a risky situation, ensure you visit medical personnel after.

Arizona bugs in houses.

There are indeed many bugs resident in Arizona, but not all of these bugs have the facility or ability to sting. Some of them are commonly found at home. It is possible to get Arizona bugs that sting and are found in the home and also Arizona bugs that do not sting but live in the home.

Arizona bugs in homes are usually invasive and end up destroying properties bit by bit and causing damage to them.  Below are some of the examples of Arizona bugs that can be found in the home

1) Bed bugs.

Bed bugs are commonly found in most countries in the world and Arizona is not an exception. Bed bugs are brown and oval-shaped in color.

They spread very fast and commonly feed on human blood. A factor that makes these bugs a notorious kind is that once they find their way into your home, it is always very tough and expensive to eradicate them.

Seeing so many colorful bugs in Arizona might trick you into thinking these bugs are harmless and friendly. They even look beautiful in different color blend patterns like red and black.

Do not be tempted into judging what they can do with their colorful looks. All of them are dangerous and their bites are always painful.

2) Black plant bug.

Lake Havasu is one city in Arizona that has experienced a rise in the quantity of Arizona bugs over the years. They are otherwise known as the Slaterocoris Attrtibialis.

These bugs share a similarity with false chinch bugs because they also arrive in hordes.

They always try to enter your home during the summer months for then to be able to avoid the best they feel outside. These bugs are shiny black.

If you carefully notice them, they are the bugs that bang themselves in the window glass over and over again because they are trying to barge into your home and most times end up banging themselves.

Unlike most other bugs, these Arizona bugs are no threat to your garden and pose no threat to humans living around that area as well, but they can harm your property.

To protect them from entering your home, you can use a window shield and this is one of the most effective proven ways.

Black plant bugs die on their own and when they die, they are usually found under your doors and windows looking like a pile of rat feces.

3) Drain flies.

Drain flies can be very irritating, but they don’t bite. These Arizona bugs are very common in the home, especially during the evening and almost night hours. Drain flies are usually active in the summer months because they breed very fast during this season.

Once in your home, they make you so uncomfortable and your only way out of this discomfort is to eradicate them. Just like most other Arizona bugs, they nest, live, and survive in hitters and clogged drains.

They do not only destroy properties that are animal matter, they can also enter your electrical appliances like the refrigerator, and dishwasher. If you have clogged and unclean catch basins, you should except them around because that is their breeding point.

Always ensure to clean any catch basin you have around your house. Also unclog and clean all the drains in your laundry, basement, bathroom, and kitchen. By so doing, you will give them any signal to come into your home and have it infested.

Remember their infestation is not always pleasant, so ensure you avoid it at all costs and means

4) Carpet Beetles.

Carpet beetles are tiny and black and they always enter people’s homes to lay eggs. They are damage-causing pests that lay eggs in products that consist of animal matter. These animal matter products include leather, clothes, woolen carpet, silk fabric, and products made out of feathers.

It is the larvae of these beetles that cause damage, not the adult carpet beetles. You will commonly find carpet beetles in gardens and windows and others will enter your house through doors and windows that are opened.

Their mating season is around the early summer and late spring period. It is during this period that they enter the house.

Once outside the house, they feed on flower petals and pollen, but in the house, they feed on your properties after laying eggs around your home.

Another reason why you will find a carpet beetle in your home is due to uncleanliness.

If you have perspiration stains, dirt, open pet food, fabric food stains, and dirty clothes that are not washed, carpet beetles would be attracted to your place. Once these carpet beetles enter your home, they lay eggs on all your animal matter properties.

The larvae of the eggs feed on this property and create holes in them. These holes spoil the product and this is how they damage your materials and properties.

5) Biting midges.

Biting midges are otherwise referred to as biting gnats or no-see-ums. These Arizona bugs are tiny, black, and biting bugs that are commonly found in the home. You can easily mistake them for mosquitoes since they share so many similarities in their physical looks.

Biting midges are usually found in the yard or garden of Arizona homes while they breed and thrive in damp soils that can be physically sighted around your home. When outside your home, biting midges usually feed on sugary plant saps and flower nectar.

Their females specialize in biting mammals including livestock, pets, and even humans. What attracts them to humans is the heat, body odor, and carbon dioxide exhaled by these mammals. You will commonly find them outside your home, but once the temperature increases during the summer season, they start finding their way into the home because the temperature of the outside garden and yard begins to reduce during this summer season.

They begin to look for a less hot and more moist location to live. Your home perfectly fits into these conditions. Asides from these conditions, they are naturally attracted to places where there are electrical lights: this best explains why they are in your home mostly in evening hours and dusk.

You should also take care of the Potter plants in your home because they can attract biting midges. If you have potted plants in your Arizona home, there is always a high possibility that biting midges are latching onto the plants or they are already breeding inside this potted plant.


There are indeed a lot of bugs in Arizona but these are the most commonly found ones that can sting and are also found in homes. Note that most of these bugs look colorful and might look like they are not harmless. Do not fall for this trap! They are harmless and can pose a lot of threats and damage to your home.

Some of them can destroy your pets, electrical appliances, flower pots, expensive household properties, and YOURSELF as well. We highly recommend that you properly take enough preventive measures to keep these bugs away from your home.

If bitten by any of them, see medical personnel as well. Now that you know about them, work on keeping them out of your home. CIAO!

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